Our cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is automatically stored on your computer when you visit a website (which uses cookies). Cookies are sometimes needed for technical purposes, for example to remember your preferences or shopping cart. Most of today's websites use cookies.

Which cookies does this website use?

This website uses the following cookies:

Third-party cookies

To third-party cookies (cookies that are owned by a third party, as stated above) the following applies:

  • We have no influence over these cookies.
  • These cookies are subject to the privacy policy of the provider (see the website of the provider).
  • The data is stored on the servers of the provider. This data can - without this our permission – be shared with other parties if required by law.

How long do cookies remain active?

Most cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Some so-called persistent cookies remain stored longer, ranging from 90 days to several years. You can remove these cookies manually at any time by deleting your browser cache.

Can I refuse or remove (some) cookies?

Yes, you can do so by editing your browser settings. How varies per browser. We recommend you consult the help function of your browser for more information. The refusal of (some) cookies may result in the loss of (certain) website functions.

Right of information

We do not store any personal information via our cookies. In general you always have the right to access, correct or delete personal data we store. For more information you can contact us via the contact information provided on this website.

6 May 2020